The Vine Toolkit

Vine is a modular, extensible Java library that offers developers an easy-to-use, high-level Application Programmer Interface (API) for Grid-enabling applications. Vine can be deployed for use in desktop, Java Web Start, Java Servlet 2.3 and Java Portlet 1.0 environments with ease. Plus Vine supports a wide array of middleware and third-party services, so you can focus on your applications and not lose focus on the Grid!

Supported Middleware and Standards:

  • QosCosGrid
  • BES
  • gLite3
  • Globus Toolkit 4.0.x, 4.2.1
  • GRIA 5.3
  • Unicore 6
  • JSDL
  • Storage Resource Broker
  • Storage Resource Manager
  • RUS
  • OGSA-DAI 2.2
  • Active Directory

Vine is licensed under Apache 2.0!
Vine License

Some parts of the Vinetoolkit were realized within BE23 experiment of the European Union funded project BEinGRID. These are Vine projects activedirectory, flowify, gria, grms, kepler and workflow, and core Vine service - Role Management.

Main objectives in the wow2green Business Experiment are:

  • Enable complex workflow executions fully controlled in the portal
  • Provide detailed information about simulations on remote computing resources
  • Enable efficient platform usage through applying meta-brokering of jobs as well as data dependencies defined in workflow nodes
  • Enable to control output data from finished workflow simulations
  • Provide an easy and user friendly graphical interfaces for workflow management
  • Provide an easy way to define new workflow nodes and definitions
  • Provide a repository of workflow nodes and definitions for knowledge sharing and collaboration